Health Approval

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Today on the EJ Raven Show, we talk about what it means to have a self-approval approach to wellness.

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Thank You!

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Our “Bling it On” party was a success this year! A huge Thank you to Red Rock, Vessel Kitchen, Jimmy Johns, and Loco Lizzard for catering our event. We had lots of fun, and can’t wait to do it again next year. So hold on to your Bling and join us next year for the best Bling it On party in Park City at Freedom Chiropractic!

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Chamber After Hours Mixer

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Park City Chamber After Hours Mixer at Freedom Chiropractic:  On Thursday, October 22, Freedom Chiropractic, located at 1526 Ute Boulevard, will host the Chamber/Bureau’s October Business After Hours mixer, which will include an evening of complimentary, delicious hors d’oeuvres and the opportunity to schmooze, mingle and enjoy an evening with fellow members. Business After Hours Mixers are social events, coordinated at Member locales through the Park City Chamber/Bureau. How do I RSVP? Please RSVP to or call...

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FreedomCast: Bling Fling

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This week at Freedom Chiropractic: EJ talks about the upcoming Bling Fling on Oct. 6th!

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Did you Know?

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Chiropractic care is not only for adults – it’s for kids, too! Check out all of the benefits offered to your special one through chiropractic care.

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Testimonial from Will

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“When I first came to Freedom Chiropractic in Park City, I was a broken mess. I couldn’t walk sleep or laugh. After my first visit I saw immediate improvement in my body’s range of motion, better sleep, and in general a better out look on life.” ~ Will

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You asked for it, and now we’ve done it!

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We extended our hours, we are now open Fridays! Call to schedule an appointment between 10am and 1pm! We can’t wait to see you!

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Do you offer Massage?

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We sure do! We have a few massage therapists that work with us here at Freedom Chiropractic in Park City. We have Monarch Massage, Michael Hulse Massage, and Park City Massage available here at our office. Give us a call to schedule a custom massage to fit your needs! 435.655.7789

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A toddler’s body is developing at a very fast pace. In fact by the age of 5, a toddler’s spine will have more than doubled in length from birth. During those 5 years, a toddler is subjected to a variety of everyday stresses and traumas that can cause subluxations. Just think how many times a toddler is picked up, carried in different positions and put down. These subtle acts alone may cause subluxations. A toddler’s inquisitive and exploratory nature causes them to suffer falls, accidental bumps on the head and many other types of...

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Sports Injuries

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A sports injury can occur as the result of an underlying musculoskeletal condition, a collision with another athlete, over-extending a joint or improper stretching or warm up prior to participating in an activity. Regardless of the cause of the injury, the result is often back pain, neck pain, inflammation, decreased range of motion, soreness or numbness in the extremities. Dr. EJ Raven has professional experience treating athletes including NBA athletes, NHL players, and Olympians, who have entrusted their health and wellness to him over the...

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