“Before I started going to Dr. Raven, my back and hips were so painful that standing up was nearly impossible.  I was also having trouble breathing and had to quit my job.  After only a few sessions with him, I am now able to breathe again and stand up for several hours at a flea market without noticing any pain at all.  I truly believe that he has given me back my life and I hope to be able to start back to work again soon.” – Lynn Boseman

“Dr. Raven virtually cured my server chronic headache.  For many years I went to headache clinics and pain clinics all over the country.  I got no relief.  I spent tens of thousands of dollars seeking relief from my torture.  In the short time I have gone to Dr. Raven, he has reduced the pain to a short period of modest pain to pain free.  I am very grateful.”– Dee Golden

“My neck pain has been with me for about 5 years.  I have been coming to Dr. Raven now for almost 7 months and it is 90% better.  Acupuncture, heat, ice, rest, exercise, nothing else made it go away, but regular visits to retrain my body has made a big difference for me.” – Sydney Reed
“Dr. Raven has been a huge part of my mountain bike racing successes this year.  My back has hurt almost every time I ride for over 20 years.  This year I have ridden almost every race with no back pain.  I raced 12 hours in the Endurance 100 before it started hurting!  Thanks for your help, that gentle touch does work.” – Cyndi Scwandt


“I want to thank you for your gentle touch.  As you know I suffer from F.M. and was experiencing a lot of neck and shoulder pain.  After just a few sessions I already feel much better!  Thank you.” – Mary Shack
“I sure appreciate Dr. E.J. Raven.  What a change his ‘touch’ has made… 34 years ago I was in a critical boat accident (several months in the hospital and then out with a walker, then crutches for many more months).  Add to that a broken pelvis, a serious car accident and thrown from a horse many times.  My ‘hitch’ in my walk from the pelvis injury is finally – 34 years later – virtually unnoticeable!  Hallelujah!  A broken wrist from one of m horse falls has made amazing progress.  It had never healed correctly; it looked so weird that I wore a bracelet to hide it.  No need to cover up my wrist anymore.  I don’t know how he does it, but whatever Dr. E.J. has done; I consider it a blessing and an awesome change in my quality of life.” – Jill Cooper
“When I first came to Dr. Raven I was a mess, I was not felling well, and I was depressed, and had a constant headache.  He helped me see that we need to be proactive in taking care of our health, not waiting for symptoms to occur.  With consistent care not only am I feeling better, but I have seen great success with my children as well.  My oldest child has been able to focus better in school and get better grades, my 7 year old has stopped having stomach aches, and my 4 year old has finally go an appetite.  Dr. Raven has helped our family wean off prescription medicines, it feels so nice to be prescription free and back in control of our lives again! – Lisa Remund
“I have been experiencing intense pain and pressure from several sports and car accidents for over 10 years.  I have been to well over 12 health practitioners over that time and have see little lasting effects from the various treatments which include: chiropractic, massage, and acupuncture.  This is the first practitioner I have had luck with in terms of actually feeling better and experiencing relief for more that one or two days.  This methodology makes perfect sense in theory and more importantly in practice.  Listen well and see and fell the benefits.” – Eric Scharben
I have been suffering daily from pain and exhaustion for the past 1- years.  After dozens of treatment programs that I have tried (to get some relief), medical and non-medical, I was introduced to Dr. Raven’s non-invasive form of chiropractic.  It has been 6 weeks since Dr. Raven started treating me at least 2 times every week.  I feel so blessed to feel relief for the first time of at least 70% to 80% of the pain and exhaustion.  I such a short time a true miracle has happened for me.  It no longer feels like my life is over at 57 years old.   It feels like it’s just beginning.” – Cheri Simmons